Anahata Center Retreats Across the World

Anahata Center Retreats Across the World




s on our 10-day revitalising retreat in the brightest, freshest and greenest time of the year at the heart of the Costa Rica Rainforest in the Ama Tierra Eco-Retreat! The stunning beauty of the environment within this “natural garden of America” breathes life and energy into us with every glance, while the sounds of the earth and animals bring peace to every cell in our bodies and slowly distancing any worrying thoughts and opening the space inside us for new experiences and for the discovery of our own unique path. Just like this place, man is made of beauty, peace and most of all, freedom! Hear within you the calling of this land, where the treasure of creation is reflected in the green forests and the colours all around and let it awaken and empower you to be in touch with your own beauty and internal harmony.


The Anahata-Raja Yoga Center with Aischwarya Devi welcomes you to the beautiful land surrounding the Ama Tierra eco-retreat, full of magic that will stay with you in the years to come. Our center in perfect collaboration with Bob and his wife Jill Ruttenberg, owners of Ama Tierra, have created for you a unique revitalising and rejuvenating retreat. Ama Tierra allows one to be supported in an inner Spiritual Journey by holding the space for change to happen naturally. We are one with Nature here and can feel the very essence of Life pulsing through the trees and blowing in the breeze. We are blessed by the daytime sounds of birds, the sighting of a visiting iguana or toucan while walking consciously through the trails. At night, the sounds of crickets and frogs, the sparkle of starlight and the flow of water through the stream reminds us of our connection with All that IS, and raises the frequency of the whole Self.


At Ama Tierra Retreat you will be inspired by the beauty, the views, and the absolute Peace you feel as you become one with the rhythms and healing vibration of this rich, beautiful land. As you practice your meditation, breathing in the cool, fresh air, you are able to absorb subtle signals and your Path becomes clearer.

When you join with your higher Self in an atmosphere of Beauty and Natural Abundance, you will integrate your Emotional and Spiritual Body to make lasting changes and help you remind yourself of your True Nature - that you are One with All that Is.


Trust our years of experience in workshops and retreats and follow Aischwarya into a world of invaluable peaceful and inspiring experiences in the heart of the Costa Rica rainforest, at the Ama Tierra eco-retreat.


Places are limited and are widely saught so do book early. Contact us here for more information and to book your place in the retreat.

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