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Book a Workshop

To our students who wish to pre-book their place in one of our workshops

The following workshops may take place in various spaces around Greece, in other yoga schools and within the space of companies which book these workshops with us.

We will always keep you informed through our Web Diary page regarding any workshops taking place, when and where, so that you may participate in the ones you find interesting.

To the companies that wish to host our workshops in their space

The following workshops may be presented at an introductory level in a 2-hour seminar, or at a deeper more focused level, as a workshop lasting between 2 and 7 days, depending on your needs and wishes. It is also possible to extend the workshop schedules in order to accommodate centres that wish to have us teach a particular course for a month. We can further tailor our workshops, bringing aspects of one into another.


Dip Yagya Workshop

Dip Yagya is a holy ceremony, originating in ancient India and is used to this day. It takes place indoors and consists of 3 elements: the use of candles, the chanting of specific for this purpose Indian Mantras and the faith and devotion of those attending. Aischwarya Devi performs this ceremony, which may last up to 2 hours. It is a ceremony which leaves participants full of love, reverence, and an increased knowledge of their soul and spiritual path. It is beneficial in itself, since it offers benefits on all levels - mind, body, soul and surrounding environment - even with a single participation. It purifies and cleanses one’s thoughts, feelings and actions with the purpose of aiding each participant to carve a path towards divine virtues and deeds and their own personal truth. It further charges the surrounding environment, purifying and powerfully cleansing the space and air in which Dip Yagya takes place.

Aischwarya Devi’s vision through this ceremony, the spiritual discussions that follow, and the Pranic Healing to those who request it, is to awaken participants and make them more aware of their own mind, spirit and soul vibrations and to present through the power of therapy and teaching the miracle that is inside us, that each of us is in themselves, and to empower those around her to understand that everything is possible when man finds internal balance. The Dip Yagya ceremony, along with the spiritual discussions with Aischwarya Devi, is a dynamic and powerful process, enriching and empowering for every participant, and encouraging to those who wish to make the necessary changes in their lives, so that they may embrace happiness, feel part of a greater community, attaining divine virtues and inspiring those around them, while slowly becoming the miracle that each of us is when we are open and able to use all of our strengths and resources.

This workshop begins with a friendly theoretical presentation by Aischwarya Devi and discussion with participants on the benefits of Dip Yagya. The ceremony takes place, followed by a break and finally a further informal discussion regarding the above issues which each of us is faced with in the present era.


Yoga Workshop

Yoga, Stress Management Techniques, Breath Control, Spiritual Games, Indian Arithmosophy, Meditation and more. Read More about this workshop.


Prana Workshop

Detox and Specific Therapeutic Diet, Meditation and Relaxation, Knowledge & Techniques.


Fertility Workshop

Yoga for women facing difficulties in conception or pregnancy. Read more about this workshop.


Workshop for pregnancy

Read more about this workshop.


Yoga for mothers

Yoga for mothers with newborn babies (up to 5 years old) and for mothers with children (ages 6 - 12).


Interpersonal Relationships Workshop

Attracting, Creating and Sustaining Positive Relationships - Transforming the Negative into Positive, Twin Flame Prayer. Read more about this workshop.


Prosperity Workshop

Focus on Prosperity, Exercises, Prosperity Meditation, Prosperity Prayer.

Suggested 2,3,7,10 DAY Workshops & Retreats

Suggested workshops from our teacher Aischwarya,our workshops touches on Yoga,relationships, diet, numerology, meditation, etc Read the Workshops


Further Proposals for all Workshops

1. We further propose that all workshops, as outlined above, are accompanied by the preparation of Pranic food (energy and strength giving food) for all the participants for the duration of the workshop; to be overseen by Aischwarya Devi.

2. We are also able to offer a concurrently running Yoga for Children workshop (including various games) throughout the weekend, so that participants’ children may benefit, while their parents are attending their workshop. This workshop will be lead by Ms. Venthesikimi Soukouli, a trained and experienced Yoga for Children teacher.

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