Dip Yagya - ANAHATA & Raja Yoga Center

Dip Yagya - ANAHATA & Raja Yoga Center

Yagya is a ceremony that has been practiced in India for centuries, usually in the presence of thousands of participants. In its original form, it’s the burning of particular types of wood and other materials in the sacrificial fire, together with oblations by the participants and accompanied by the chanting of specific Mantras. The purpose of Di Yagya is to cleanse and purify the mind, the body and the spirit, that is, thoughts and feelings, as well as to purify the surrounding environment. It gives participants a deep sense of divinity, self-knowledge and love for themselves as well as those around them and it helps guide them towards virtuous thoughts and deeds.

Dip Yagya is the same ceremony, however practiced on a much smaller scale. Dip Yagya evolved out of man’s need to perform it within their own homes and with the participation of only small groups of people; it also evolved out of the need to spread its use and knowledge to the western countries, where people usually live in smaller groups maintaining contact with only a few people in their friends and family circles. Dip Yagya is performed through the use of candles, instead of wood, incense sticks and with small oblation from the participants (e.g. in the form of rice). The benefits of a Yagya are immediately felt and one Dip Yagya participation is enough to bring about the incredible benefits of the exaltation of a person’s God within them.

Yagya is a divine act full of reverence. Divinity is a basic premise for the acquisition of divine virtuous. The practice of the Dip Yagya ceremony is accomplished through the participation of more and more volunteers who are trained to perform the ceremony in the right manner and timely fashion, thereby retaining the cohesion of the ceremony. During a Yagya the environment is kept holy, serious and impressive. An official and spiritually charged atmosphere is created while all participants chant Mantras, thereby cleansing and purifying their thoughts, feelings and actions with the purpose acquiring divine virtuous and performing divine deeds.

The work Yagya itself is a term with many deeper meanings. One of these is the consistent effort to adopt high ideals in our lives. Normally, Yagyas consist of 3 elements:

1) Oblations to the fire
2) Chanting of Mantras (Prayers)
3) Faith and devotion voluntarily offered by the participants.

Lord Krishna says to Baghavat Gita that this universe is the creation of a Yagya. A Yagya is never performed unwillingly. Its purpose is to make life Yagyamaya. In essence, this means that in Dip Yagya we are driven along with our firm determination and our noble feelings and deeds, to live our lives, our personal and collective lives, through ethics and high ideals, that is, to make our lives Yagyamaya.

God is Absolute. Nature leaves nothing imperfect. Every spiritual ceremony such as a Yagya uplifts us further towards transformation and transcendence.

You will find more information on the processes and benefits of these ceremonies, as officially written by Indian scholars in the following two books:


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