Venthesikimi Soukouli - Kotsafti - Bio

Venthesikimi Soukouli - Kotsafti - Bio

Venthesikimi-Soukouli-Kotsafti-Anahata-Centre-Yoga-Children-TeacherHaving lived and grown up in an environment filled with dance and yoga, and feeling a strong sense of love for freedom and creativity, Venthesikimi decided to become involved with Yoga for Children so as to show them a path into a life full the same freedom and creativity that she herself enjoyed, during her childhood, and to teach them to use these as tools within their lives.

In 2010 she completed a specialised course in Children’s Yoga with teacher Amir Yaffe, founder of Rainbow Kids Yoga.

She is also a pranic healer (advanced level), as well as a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Athens.


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