Yoga for Children - ANAHATA & Raja Yoga Center

Yoga for Children - ANAHATA & Raja Yoga Center

Since the name Yoga means union, freedom of the soul towards a higher quality of life and towards joy and optimism for a better future, it makes sense that it fits perfectly with the subtle and light world of children.

In this simple way, yoga is of itself the joyful song, the exciting exercises, the playful turn of the many and varied breaths and the sweet approach of the both wise and fun teachers, creating together with the children the colourful world of children’s yoga.

A light game of exercise and knowledge, lessons are always run with the aim of creating a sense of joy and kindness of character in the children; children of today and noble adults of tomorrow!

Give your children the safe way to exercise in an ethical environment of fun, instilling kindness and joy, at our ANAHATA Center with Venthesikimi.

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Yoga for Children