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The science of Yoga is modern man’s ‘weapon’ against the pressures of daily life and is absolutely beneficial in preventing health problems caused by stress and lack of knowledge and understanding of the self, the body and their functions.

In combination with a person’s spiritual essence it brings about balance in all levels of human existence:

  • The physical level

  • The mental level

  • The emotional level

Yoga Classes

The Raja Yoga Center offers for the period of 2011-12 the following Yoga classes:

  • Ha-Tha Yoga

  • Kriya - Kundalini Yoga

  • Meditation – Nidra Yoga

  • Yoga for pregnancy

  • Yoga for mothers with newborn babies

  • Yoga for children

  • Dance Yoga

  • Cleansing of internal Organs (Sat Karmas)

Special techniques through the science of yoga, which accelerate the cleansing and detoxification of bodily organs, with spectacular benefits to physical health. Intestines, for example, are deeply cleanses, giving the sense of euphoria and revitalisation, overcoming chronic fatigue, mycosis, problems in the body’s absorption of nutritious substances, etc. Work is also done on the nose, lungs etc. Yoga is a a tool for accelerated body detoxification.

  • Spiritual Guidance

Through the study of the great teachings, through proper spiritual guidance and through life experience man can learn to avoid unpleasant events, living a life in harmony and balance. For life’s lessons are not necessarily painful…through spiritual guidance we find our own path in life, a path of spirituality and clear horizons.

  • Arithmosophy

Knowledge of the numbers of the time and date of our birth affords us an understanding of our past and future and gives us a tool for facing life’s challenges through a different perspective.

Private Yoga Lessons

Private lessons are the ideal solution for the student of Yoga, since all lessons are tailored specifically to the student’s needs and in the student’s time and rhythm. Private lessons afford the student the opportunity to receive the knowledge required and appropriate in a highly focused form. Private lessons are useful in the following cases:

  • Limitations in the student’s time availability
  • Difficulty in transportation (due to work commitments, disability, etc)
  • When someone wishes to progress faster and to cover specific areas on one’s yoga practice, depending on one’s individual needs
  • When someone needs a highly specialised practice or physical exercise

Private lessons are offered in all types of yoga and also in Pranic Healing

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